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—Smartphones are pervasively used in society, and have been both the target and victim of malware writers. Motivated by the significant threat that presents to legitimate users, we survey the current smartphone malware status and their propagation models. The content of this paper is presented in two parts. In the first part, we review the short history of(More)
—In order to overcome the difficulties of low computational efficiency and high memory requirement in the conventional boundary element method for solving large-scale potential problems, a fast multipole boundary element method for the problems of Laplace equation is presented. through the multipole expansion and local expansion for the basic solution of(More)
Resveratrol (RV) is a natural component of red wine and grapes that has been shown to be a potential chemopreventive and anticancer agent. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying RV's anticancer and chemopreventive effects are incompletely understood. Here we show that RV treatment inhibits the clonogenic growth of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)(More)
Radiotherapy is used in >50% of patients during the course of cancer treatment both as a curative modality and for palliation. However, radioresistance is a major obstacle to the success of radiation therapy and contributes significantly to tumor recurrence and treatment failure, highlighting the need for the development of novel radiosensitizers that can(More)
—Through the research of the parallel computational model based on the principal and subordinate mode and the basic theory of Gmres Algorithm in Krylov subspace, this essay raises a improvement parallel Predict-Correct Gmres(m) algorithm which posses Predict-Correct pattern, and shows the computing examples for linear equations. After the comparison with(More)
— This paper mainly designed a new method of using the Parallel LU Decomposition Algorithm for solving large-scale dense linear equations on the basis of the strategy of divide and rule,and analyzed the speedup and efficiency of the Parallel LU Decomposition Algorithm. In theory, it could improve the efficiency of problem-solving. In addition, the extension(More)
In the present study, we investigated the antidepressive activity of opiorphin with central administration in the forced swim test in mice. Intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of opiorphin (1-6 μg/mouse) dose-dependently decreased the immobility time, which was reversed by nonselective opioid receptor antagonist naloxone, δ-selective naltrindole(More)
—In order to efficiently improve the prediction accuracy, two load forecasting model based on fuzzy theory are presented, which are fuzzy clustering model and improved fuzzy regression analysis model .The method of fuzzy clustering is used to divide the area by the similar feature of load increasing. The new division is promising to improve the result of(More)