Aimilia Tasidou

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Portable devices are increasingly employed in a wide range of mobile guidance applications. Typical examples are guides in urban areas, museum guides, and exhibition space aids. The demand is for the delivery of context-specific services, wherein the context is typically identified by a combination of data related to location, time, user profile, device(More)
We present a personal data management framework called Polis, which abides by the following principle: Every individual has absolute control over her personal data, which reside only at her own side. Preliminary results indicate that beyond the apparent advantages of such an environment for userspsila privacy, everyday transactions remain both feasible and(More)
Individuals today have no control over the way their personal information is being used even though they are the ones to suffer the consequences of any unwanted uses of their information. We propose addressing this externality through the creation of a market for personal information, where licenses to access individuals’ personal information will be(More)
Internet-enabled television systems, often referred to as Smart TVs, are a new development in television and home entertainment technologies. In this work, we propose a new, privacy-preserving, approach for Television Audience Measurement (TAM), utilizing the capabilities of the Smart TV technologies. We propose a novel application to calculate aggregate(More)
The effectiveness of CAPTCHA challenges largely depends on being simultaneously easier to solve for humans and harder to solve for bots. In this work we argue that it is possible to enhance the effectiveness of audio CAPTCHA challenges by adapting the challenge to the users’ characteristics. We propose a method for achieving this adaptation while protecting(More)
Internet-enabled television systems (SmartTVs) are a development that introduces these devices into the interconnected environment of the Internet of Things. We propose a privacy-preserving application for computing Television Audience Measurement (TAM) ratings. SmartTVs communicate over the Internet to calculate aggregate measurements. Contemporary(More)
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