Aimee van Wynsberghe

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The prospective robots in healthcare intended to be included within the conclave of the nurse-patient relationship--what I refer to as care robots--require rigorous ethical reflection to ensure their design and introduction do not impede the promotion of values and the dignity of patients at such a vulnerable and sensitive time in their lives. The ethical(More)
Contemporary literature investigating the significant impact of technology on our lives leads many to conclude that ethics must be a part of the discussion at an earlier stage in the design process i.e., before a commercial product is developed and introduced. The problem, however, is the question regarding how ethics can be incorporated into an earlier(More)
The paper is concerned with determining the feasibility of performing telesurgery over long communication links. It describes an experimental testbed for telesurgery that is currently available in our laboratory. The tesbed is capable of supporting both wired and satellite connections as well as simulated network environments. The feasibility of performing(More)
The universal and ubiquitous use of computing technologies confronts us with new ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. In the current age of abundant information sharing and gathering, social networking sites (SNSs) are now thought of as incredible resources for collecting data on individuals. The question of interest for computer scientists, engineers and(More)
It should not be a surprise in the near future to encounter either a personal or a professional service robot in our homes and/or our work places: according to the International Federation for Robots, there will be approx 35 million service robots at work by 2018. Given that individuals will interact and even cooperate with these service robots, their(More)
Many current technological devices used in our everyday lives confront us with a host of new ethical issues to be addressed. Facebook, Twitter, or smart phones are all examples of technologies used quite pervasively which call into question culturally significant values like privacy, among others. The embedded values concept presents the compelling idea(More)
Since the creation of Napster back in the late 1990s for the sharing and distribution of MP3 files across the Internet, the entertainment industry has struggled to deal with the regulation of information sharing at large. From an ethics perspective, the practice of file sharing over the internet presents an interesting value conflict between the protection(More)