Aimee Orellano

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A novel cyclolignanic quinone, 7-acetyl-3',4'-didemethoxy-3',4'-dioxopodophyllotoxin (CLQ), inhibits topoisomerase II (TOPO II) activity. The extent of this inhibition was greater than that produced by the etoposide quinone (EQ) or etoposide. Glutathione (GSH) reduces EQ and CLQ to their corresponding semiquinones under anaerobic conditions. The latter were(More)
A new optimization approach for internal forced air-cooled traction drives is presented integrating multi-physic performance evaluations. Here, the coupling of aero- and thermodynamic cooling performance with electromagnetic performance analysis is applied. For determining electromagnetic properties FEA (finite element analysis) is use. The aero-/(More)
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