Aimee Aubeeluck

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This article describes the implementation and evaluation of a novel form of assessment of communication skills and knowledge for all branches of nursing students in a multi-campus UK Midlands university. The assessment took the form of a recorded scenario which was presented on DVD and a series of assessment questions inviting students to consider(More)
OBJECTIVE The lack of adequate conceptualisation and operationalisation of quality of life (QoL) limits the ability to have a consistent body of evidence to improve QoL research and practice in informal caregiving for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Thus, we conducted a meta-synthesis of qualitative research to improve the conceptual understanding of(More)
What is known on the subject The values underpinning recovery-orientated practice are recited in the literature and influential in the content of mental health nurse education internationally. However, scepticism exists regarding the degree to which students' assimilate the principles of recovery into their practice due to the troublesome and challenging(More)
The semantic, syntactic, and graphophonic cueing techniques employed by 55 bilingual children and 39 monolingual peers when reading aloud in English were identified through miscue analysis. In contrast to earlier research in 1999 by Cline and Cozens no significant differences were found between the two groups on any of the techniques. Both bilingual and(More)
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