Aimee A. Keller

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Winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) is a dominant commercial fish in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, and yet factors controlling its recruitment remain unclear. An experiment was conducted with six 13-m3 landbased mesocosms (5 m deep) from February to April 1997 to address the impact of increased temperature (+3°C) on growth, survival, and(More)
As marine debris levels continue to grow worldwide, defining sources, composition, and distribution of debris, as well as potential effects, becomes increasingly important. We investigated composition and abundance of man-made, benthic marine debris at 1347 randomly selected stations along the US West Coast during Groundfish Bottom Trawl Surveys in 2007 and(More)
The new requirements to the military medico-geographical researches, to contents and structure of military medico-geographical descriptions are considered, caused by evolution of global geopolitical situation, by occurrence of the modern information technologies, the geographical information systems, by development of the medical ecology and information(More)
Changes in the reproductive biology of fish stocks over time can affect the accuracy of recruitment estimates used by fisheries managers to determine harvest levels. For heavily depleted species, shifts in parameters such as age and size at maturity may occur over a relatively short time period in response to changes in selective pressure or population(More)