Aimal Tariq Rextin

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Scalability and performance implications of semantic net visualization techniques are open research challenges. This paper focuses on developing a visualization technique that mitigates these challenges. We present a novel approach that exploits the underlying concept of power-law degree distribution as many realistic semantic nets seems to possess a power(More)
Traditional network protocols such as TCP/IP require cooperation between traffic sources to achieve optimal network performance. This approach does not always work, as evident by frequent congestion problems in the Internet. Recent research in protocol design using game theory removes this limitation by modeling traffic sources as competing players and(More)
Complex networks are real graphs (networks) with non-trivial topological features. The empirical study of real-world networks like computer networks and social networks gives insights into the structures and properties of such networks. Identification of community structure is one of the important problems in social networks. Tightly knit group of nodes(More)
A digraph G = (V, E) is upward planar if it has a planar drawing with all edges pointing upward. A subgraph G̃ of a digraph G with an upward planar drawing is called a maximal upward planar subgraph of G if the addition of any edge in G\G to G̃ causes non-upward planarity. Binucci et al. showed that finding even the maximum upward planar(More)
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