Aimal Khan

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In this paper, we empirically quantify inherent limitations of merchant switching silicon, which constrain SDNs' innovation potential. To overcome these limitations, we propose a Split SDN Data Plane (SSDP) architecture—a new switch architecture which allows rapid network innovation by complementing a cost-effective, yet inflexible, frontend merchant(More)
1. Introduction Two types of dykes have been identified in the Muslim Bagh Ophiolite: (i) a sheeted dyke complex (dolerite, diorite, and plagiogranite) and (ii) a mafic dyke swarm. Both types occur only in the Saplai Tor Ghar Massif of the Muslim Bagh Ophiolite (Figure 1). Preliminary reports are available on the sheeted dykes, which cut the plutonic(More)
The deployment of relay nodes is a viable solution to fulfil the demands of high throughput and ubiquitous access for future mobile radio communications. A relay can cooperate by transmitting either a repetition of the previously transmitted signal (repetition coding) or by sending new code bits which have not been transmitted before (incremental(More)
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