Aimée Maria Guiotti

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of oral contraceptive use on the silent period (SP) of anterior temporal and masseter muscles during the menstrual cycle. MATERIALS AND METHODS Totally, 28 women on reproductive age were selected including 15 nonusers of any hormone and 13 contraceptive users. All patients were dentate without(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare electrical activity in the anterior temporal and masseter muscles on the habitual (HMS) and non-habitual mastication side (NHMS), during mastication and in the mandibular postural position. In addition, the increase in electrical activity during mastication was assessed for the HMS and NHMS, analysing both working (WSM) and non-working(More)
This study examined the electrical activity of the superior (SO) and inferior (IO) orbicularis oculi muscles before and after installing ocular prostheses in patients who had undergone unilateral enucleation. Twelve volunteers requiring prostheses were selected. Their electrical activity was monitored at rest and during normal opening and closing of the(More)
INTRODUCTION The treatment of orofacial tumors may cause facial deformities by losses of structures that affect basic functions, i.e. feeding, speech, and the reduction of patient self-steam. PRESENTATION OF CASE A white male patient was diagnosed with epidermoid cancer on the mandibular alveolar ridge with infiltration staging IV A. The patient was(More)
The purpose of this literature review was to describe the main features of phantom eye syndrome in relation to their possible causes, symptoms, treatments, and influence of eye amputation on quality of life of anophthalmic patients. For this, a bibliographical research was performed in Pubmed database using the following terms: "eye amputation," "eye(More)
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