Aimé Langlade

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UNLABELLED Intracerebroventricular (ICV) morphine administration is effective for the management of refractory cancer pain. Recent preclinical observations of acute depletion of the major endogenous intracellular antioxidant glutathione (GSH) in brain and peripheral organs after ICV morphine in rodents led us to apply microchemical methods to profile the(More)
To assess whether stoichiometric manipulation of morphine (M) metabolism can enhance analgesia or slow the development of M tolerance we co-administered M-3- glucuronide (M3G) during single or repeated doses of morphine in rats. Although M3G itself lacked analgesic activity, co-injection of M3G with M increased and prolonged analgesia beyond that seen with(More)
Clonidine, an alpha2 adrenoceptor agonist, has anti-hypertensive and anti-nociceptive effects. It is commonly used in association with local anaesthetics and opioids to enhance the quality and duration of extradural analgesia in the postoperative period, and to decrease the incidence of side effects. As a sole analgesic, it has seldom been used to relieve(More)
Bonamia ostreae is an intracellular protistan parasite affecting flat oysters Ostrea edulis. It can be detected in juveniles but mortalities mainly affect oysters which are more than 2 years old. The parasite is usually observed inside haemocytes and sometimes free, notably in gill epithelia suggesting a parasite release through this organ. However, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To review pharmacology and therapeutic use of propacetamol, an injectable prodrug of acetaminophen (paracetamol). DATA SOURCES Extraction from the Medline database of French and English articles on pharmacology and clinical use of propacetamol. STUDY SELECTION Articles providing new data into the mechanisms of the analgesic action of(More)
  • A Langlade
  • 1998
Patient-controlled analgesia refers to a relatively new approach to morphine delivery in which patients are allowed to self-administer small doses of an opioid, to achieve adequate relief of postoperative pain. The main benefit is to reduce fluctuations in opioid plasma concentrations. A matter for worry remains the occurrence of side effects, especially(More)
After reviewing the different legal definitions in which low back pain is determined to represent a compensable injury, authors evoke the difficulties to prove the reality and the degree of impairment. They recommend to solve conflicting medico legal rules and disability before using other pain relief technics.
We report a case of respiratory depression after intracerebroventricular morphine administration of a dose inadvertently 10 times greater than the typical daily dose. At the time of the respiratory dysfunction, the concentrations of morphine and its metabolites in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and plasma samples were determined. On comparison of these results(More)