Aimé Fournier

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We first demonstrate the parallel performance of the dynamical core of a spectral element atmospheric model. The model uses continuous Galerkin spectral elements to discretize the surface of the Earth, coupled with finite differences in the radial direction. Results are presented from two distributed memory, mesh interconnect supercom-puters (ASCI Red and(More)
A multiphysics and a stochastic kinetic-energy backscatter scheme are employed to represent model uncertainty in a mesoscale ensemble prediction system using the Weather Research and Forecasting model. Both model-error schemes lead to significant improvements over the control ensemble system that is simply a downscaled global ensemble forecast with the same(More)
1 Usefulness of calculating Fourier series in the SEM In this note is presented a method, given nodal values on multidimensional nonconforming spectral elements, for calculating global Fourier-series coefficients. This method is " exact " in that given the approximation inherent in the spectral-element method (SEM), no further approximation is introduced(More)
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