Ailsa E Holland

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The Compositae (Asteraceae) is the largest flowering plant family if described, accepted taxa are considered. Recent revisions in the taxonomy of the family have resulted in the recognition of ten subfamilies and 35 tribes. The tribe Arctotideae is one of the smallest, with around 200 species; it contains two subtribes and several hard-to-place taxa.(More)
Red phenyldiazoaminophenanthridinium and purple phenylazoaminophenanthridinium compounds, most of which were obtained as isomeric pairs, were tested in mice for curative and prophylactic action against Trypanosoma congolense. Several of the individual compounds showed a high degree of activity, the red isomer of each pair usually being more active(More)
Deciphering the phylogenetic relationships within the species-rich Millettioid clade has persisted as one of the major challenges in the systematics and evolutionary history of papilionoid legumes (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae). Historically, the predominantly neotropical lianas of subtribe Diocleinae in the Millettioid legumes have been taxonomically(More)
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