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BACKGROUND Internet-mediated research methods are increasingly used to access hidden populations. The International Cannabis Cultivation Questionnaire (ICCQ) is an online survey designed to facilitate international comparisons into the relatively under-researched but increasingly significant phenomenon of domestic cannabis cultivation. The Global Cannabis(More)
Violence by patients against staff has been a growing concern in hospitals not only in the U.S., but in Canada and the U.K. as well. Such violence is not limited to hospitals, but is on the increase in long term care facilities, thanks, in part, to a growing population of patients with dementia. Very little information about programs that deal with patient(More)
This research examines the levels of job satisfaction among police managers. The findings indicate that police managers have higher levels of job satisfaction than the research on their line level counterparts indicates. Years of service, feedback on the job, and involvement in COP and/or Compstat programs were significant predictors of job satisfaction(More)
BACKGROUND American authorities have invested extraordinary resources to keep up with the growth in cannabis cultivation, and state-level cannabis laws have been changing rapidly. Despite these changes, little research on the relationship between criminal justice sanctions and grower behaviours exist, in particular research that examines restrictive(More)
This study presents a systematic review of research using social network analysis to document the structure of organized crime groups involved in drug trafficking. Our first objective is to determine whether the balance of evidence supports the argument that organized crime groups are loosely structured. Second, we aim to assess the relative importance of(More)
BACKGROUND This article aims to provide an overview of: demographic characteristics; experiences with growing cannabis; methods and scale of growing operations; reasons for growing; personal use of cannabis and other drugs; participation in cannabis and other drug markets; contacts with the criminal justice system for respondents to an online survey about(More)
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