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BACKGROUND The Broselow tape is widely used to rapidly estimate weight and facilitate proper medication dosing in pediatric patients. OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine the accuracy of prehospital use of the Broselow tape. METHODS We prospectively enrolled a consecutive sample of pediatric patients transported to the emergency department (ED) at(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide an evaluation of the Pediatric Assessment Triangle (PAT) as an assessment tool for use by paramedic providers in the prehospital care of pediatric patients. METHODS Paramedics from Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) received training in the Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals (PEPP) course, PAT study procedures, and(More)
BACKGROUND Current clinical practice in many emergency departments (EDs) includes checking a type and screen blood test (T&S) for Rhesus (Rh) status on all pregnant patients presenting with vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain. The test is expensive, and awaiting results may delay disposition. OBJECTIVE To determine if there is a subset of pregnant women(More)
Social workers regularly assist sexual assault victims and would benefit from a greater understanding of causes for delayed presentation to seek medical care. Delays in presentation of sexual assault victims affect the legal value of collected evidence. The authors of this study sought to characterize the nature and frequency of delayed presentation among(More)
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