Aileen Caceres

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Abdominal pains secondary to adhesions are a common complaint, but most surgeons do not perform surgery for this complaint unless the patient suffers from a bowel obstruction. The purpose of this evaluation was to determine if lysis of bowel adhesions has a role in the surgical management of adhesions for helping treat abdominal pain. The database of our(More)
INTRODUCTION The commonest cause of malfunction of shunts for cerebrospinal fluid is obstruction of the catheter, which may be of subacute or sudden onset. When onset is sudden, the complication is serious as this implies risk of death or permanent damage to vision. CLINICAL CASE We describe the case of a 13 year old girl who, 8 days after insertion of a(More)
INTRODUCTION The Chiari type II malformation, often associated with a myelomeningocele, is characterized by a small posterior fossa and downward displacement of the cerebellum, IV ventricle and brainstem, with elongation and dysgenesis of other structures. It is usually linked to hydrocephaly, anomalies of the corpus callosum and hydrosyringomyelia. In(More)
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