Aileen Aziyu

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For proper development and tissue homeostasis, cell cycle progression is controlled by multilayered mechanisms. Recent studies using knock-out mice have shown that animals can develop relatively normally with deficiency for each of the G1/S-regulatory proteins, D-type and E-type cyclins, cyclin-dependent kinase 4 (Cdk4), and Cdk2. Although Cdk4-null mice(More)
A large number of human cancers display alterations in the Ink4a/cyclin D/Cdk4 genetic pathway, suggesting that activation of Cdk4 plays an important role in oncogenesis. Here we report that Cdk4-null mouse embryonic fibroblasts are resistant to transformation in response to Ras activation with dominant-negative (DN) p53 expression or in the Ink4a/Arf-null(More)
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