Aikaterini Toska

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INTRODUCTION During the last two decades, obesity has proved to be one of the most important problems of public health, and it is considerably more frequent in developed countries, not only in adults, but in children, too. The aim of the current study is to evaluate the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children. MATERIAL AND METHODS Two thousand(More)
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of drug widely used for treatment of mood disorders, including depression and cardiovascular disease. A search for related articles in the PubMed database was attempted. It covered studies, reports, reviews and editorials of the last 5 years. Pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as TNF-α, IL-1 and(More)
BACKGROUND Considerable studies directly connect the complications in diabetic patients, and especially peripheral neuropathy, with the emergence of depression. Neuropathetic pain may deteriorate the general health status of the diabetic patient and glycaemic regulation. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to investigate the appearance and degree of(More)
INTRODUCTION The stigma of mental illness and the ensuing social exclusion are due to the lack of knowledge on the causality of mental illness. AIM The purpose of this study was to record the stigmatic attitudes of health professionals towards depression, patients suffering from it and the available therapeutic approaches. MATERIAL AND METHODS The(More)
5 Today, many health-related hazards are known to be of multifactorial etiology, and prevention has been proved to be necessary even in early age before unhealthy habits become established [1]. Children have the ability to learn and mimic others' behavior, which allows them to build knowledge, attitudes and behavioral patterns. Some of the factors that mold(More)
Aim. The aim of the present study was to record habits and attitudes of primary school students in Greece regarding sun-protection measures. Materials and Methods. 2,163 students with an average age of 9.9 (±1.1) years, studying in 14 schools of a Greek region, constituted our sample. The SPSS 17.0 software was used for the statistical analysis and(More)
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