Aikaterini Kavallari

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The recent price explosion of important agricultural commodities has lead to an international food crisis. The price rise is attributed to fundamental factors, such as the rising demand for dairy and meat products in China and the development of the bioenergy branch as well as on short-term factors such as the behaviour of speculators. Mobilising the(More)
Changes in agricultural land use have important implications for environmental services. Previous studies of agricultural land use futures have been published indicating large uncertainty 10 due to different model assumptions and methodologies. In this paper we present a first comprehensive comparison of global agro-economic models that have harmonized(More)
<lb>The Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) requires that 20% of the EU’s energy needs should come from renewable sources by 2020,<lb>and includes a target for the transport sector of 10% from biofuels. This report analyses and discusses the global impacts of this biofuel<lb>target on agricultural production, markets and land use, as simulated by three(More)
The recent economic and financial turmoil raises the question on how global economic growth affects agricultural commodity markets and, hence, food security. To address this question, this paper assesses the potential impacts of faster economic growth in developed and emerging economies on the one hand and a replication of the recent economic downturn on(More)
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