Aikaterini Bakakou-Orphanou

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In this study we investigate produced and perceived pauses in relation to thematic units of Greek radio news, defined by both listeners and readers. The results indicate: (1) perceived pauses are more than both produced pauses and thematic units; (2) the number of thematic units by listeners and readers does not differ substantially; (3) an agreement of ≥(More)
In this study we review the relevant literature regarding the connection of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with language disorders. Special emphasis is given to the evolution of language disorders in relation with ADHD, because both of them appear during preschool age and influence in a crucial manner the acquisition of basic learning(More)
Human speech, as a collection of complex phenomena, can be explored from many different angles, and interesting data can be generated with various approaches. However, if we aim to substantially improve our understanding of speech, it is advantageous to focus on the communicative functions and the mechanisms that enable these functions. This paper uses(More)
This paper deals with word order variation that relates to patterns of information<lb>structure. The empirical focus of the paper is a comparison of Italian and Greek<lb>word order patterns. The paper will address, however, issues of word order typology<lb>in general. The main line of argumentation is one according to which syntax directly<lb>reflects(More)
This study investigates prosody and semantic specification in Greek with reference to affirmative and negative sentence quantifier functions. A production and a perception experiment were carried out, the results of which indicate: (1) The negative interpretation of the w with focus on the quantifier, whereas the positive one with focus on the preceding(More)
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