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It is well known that high doses of radiation are hazardous for living systems but they are inseparable from human beings because their uses are unlimited in the various fields for the benefits of mankind. Earlier the clinical substances, which could minimize the pathological change in the living systems after exposure to ionizing radiation, were looked(More)
The current study reports a case of multiple microvenular hemangioma (MH). A 35-year-old male presented with dark red maculopapules on the trunk and limbs that had been apparent for 5 years. The number of lesions exceeded 100 in total. A histological examination demonstrated multiple, irregular, branching venules in the dermis, without any endothelial(More)
Introduction: Hemoglobinopathies are common genetic disorders of hemoglobin, which can be prevented by population screening and offering genetic counseling. The cumulative gene frequency of hemoglobinopathies in India is 4.2%. The carrier state for β-thalassemia in India varies from 1% to 17% with an average of 3.2%. The present study was undertaken to fi(More)
Pemphigus vulgaris is an autoimmune disorder that involves intraepithelial blistering and sores of skin and mucous membrane. It generally correlates with the levels of circulating autoantibodies; their removal seems a reasonable therapeutic approach. Therapeutic plasma exchange is hypothesized to remove pathogenic autoantibodies and has been used in(More)
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