Aik Teong Ooi

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This work describes the development of a new methodology for the detection of specific double-stranded DNA sequences. We previously showed that two inactive fragments of green fluorescent protein, each coupled to engineered zinc finger DNA-binding proteins, were able to reassemble an active reporter complex in the presence of a predefined DNA sequence. This(More)
Methodologies to detect DNA sequences with high sensitivity and specificity have tremendous potential as molecular diagnostic agents. Most current methods exploit the ability of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) to base pair with high specificity to a complementary molecule. However, recent advances in robust techniques for recognition of DNA in the major and(More)
We describe a general methodology for the direct detection of DNA by the design of a split-protein system that reassembles to form an active complex only in the presence of a targeted DNA sequence. This approach, called SEquence Enabled Reassembly (SEER) of proteins, combines the ability to rationally dissect proteins to construct oligomerization-dependent(More)
The new bisphenazine anticancer drug MLN944 is a novel cytotoxic agent with exceptional anti-tumor activity against a range of human and murine tumor models both in vitro and in vivo. MLN944 has recently entered Phase I clinical trials. Despite the structural similarity with its parent monophenazine carboxamide and acridine carboxamide anticancer compounds,(More)
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