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Database modeling performance varies across different constructs. For example, it is usually easier to model a binary relationship than a ternary relationship. Based upon the empirical performance data, ternary relationships are thought to be more complex than binary ones. This paper investigates the relationship between user modeling performance and the(More)
The characteristics of leachate from a mature landfill site were investigated over a period of six years to provide useful information for the design and management of landfill leachate. Data analysis revealed that low carbonaceous and nitrogenous pollutants can be achieved with proper groundwater and surface water management and also recirculation of(More)
The flow regime transitions for flow of oil-water-carbon dioxide mixtures in horizontal pipelines are presented. The experiments were carried out in a IOcm diameter plexiglass pipe. The flow regime transitions differ greatly from those for gas-liquid and oil-water two phase flow systems. Flow regime maps for oil-water-carbon dioxide are presented for(More)
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