Aijie Liu

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CD73, originally defined as a lymphocyte differentiation antigen, is thought to function as a cosignaling molecule on T lymphocytes and an adhesion molecule that is required for lymphocyte binding to endothelium. We show here that CD73 is widely expressed on many tumor cell lines and is upregulated in cancerous tissues. Because the ecto-5'-nucleotidase(More)
Synthesis of chloroquine analogues Chloroquine (CQ) analogues with side alkyl amino side chain variation were synthesized via substitution reaction of an appropriate amine and 4,7-dichloroquinoline. 1 CQ analogues of ring-size variations and ring-substituent variations were synthesized similarly using an appropriate quinoline or pyridine derivative as(More)
The mammalian (mechanistic) target of rapamycin (mTOR) regulates critical immune processes that remain incompletely defined. Interest in mTOR inhibitor drugs is heightened by recent demonstrations that the mTOR inhibitor rapamycin extends lifespan and healthspan in mice. Rapamycin or related analogues (rapalogues) also mitigate age-related debilities(More)
The majority of children with Dravet syndrome (DS) are caused by de novo SCN1A mutations. To investigate the origin of the mutations, we developed and applied a new method that combined deep amplicon resequencing with a Bayesian model to detect and quantify allelic fractions with improved sensitivity. Of 174 SCN1A mutations in DS probands which were(More)
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