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In Theory: Classes, Nations, Literatures
After the Second World War, nationalism emerged as the principle expression of resistance to Western imperialism in a variety of regions from the Indian subcontinent to Africa, to parts of LatinExpand
The politics of literary postcoloniality
Jameson's Rhetoric of Otherness and the “National Allegory”
In assembling the following notes on Fredric Jameson's "Third-World Literature in the Era of Multinational Capital,"* I find myself in an awkward position. If I were to name the one literaryExpand
Between Orientalism and Historicism: Anthropological Knowledge of India
Differences and convergences between our two authors should be noted at the very outset. What one had admired about Said from the beginning was his anti-colonialist passion and his affiliation withExpand
Mobilizing Islamic finance for infrastructure public-private partnerships
This public-private infrastructure advisory facility (PPIAF) - funded report aims to discuss and disseminate information on how Islamic finance has been applied in infrastructure projects throughExpand
The Politics of Nostalgia
This paper discusses issues raised in Aijaz Ahmad's recent work, In Theory. Ahmad's work is centred on three critical essays on Edward Said, Salman Rushdie and Fredric Jameson who have a commonExpand
Imperialism of Our Time
I use the simple phrase 'imperialism of our time' with the more modest aim of avoiding terms like 'New Imperialism' which have been in vogue at various times, with varying meanings. Imperialism hasExpand
Lineages of the Present: Ideology and Politics in Contemporary South Asia
In March 1998, India broke 25 years silence when it detonated a series of nuclear devices in the Rajasthan desert. Having announced it possessed the requisite credentials for membership in theExpand
Post Colonial Theory and the 'Post-' Condition
The issue of 'postcolonial theory' shall detain us at some length presently. So, let me start by reflecting on the other term in the title of the discussion at hand: the Post Condition. The phraseExpand