Aija Iivanainen

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Due to a limited range of immunoglobulin (Ig) genes, cattle and several other domestic animals rely on postrecombinatorial amplification of the primary repertoire. We report that activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) is strongly expressed in the fetal bovine ileal Peyer’s patch and spleen but not in fetal bone marrow. The numbers of IGHV(More)
The sequence of the human laminin beta 2 chain (previously s-laminin) was derived from cloned cDNAs. The complete translation product has 1798 amino acid residues, including a 32-residue signal peptide. The human chain lacks the tripeptide sequence LRE in domain I which is present in the rat polypeptide chain and has been shown to promote motor neuronal(More)
The complete primary structure of the mouse laminin alpha4 chain was derived from cDNA clones. The translation product contains a 24-residue signal peptide preceding the mature alpha4 chain of 1,792 residues. Northern analysis on whole mouse embryos revealed that the expression was weak at day 7, but it later increased and peaked at day 15. In adult tissues(More)
The complete primary structure of a novel human laminin alpha 4 chain was derived from cDNA clones. The translation product contains a 24-residue signal peptide preceding the mature alpha 4 chain of 1792 residues. The domain structure is similar to that of the recently described alpha 3 chain [Ryan, Tizard, Van Devanter and Carter (1994) J. Biol. Chem. 269,(More)
A novel laminin gamma3 chain was identified from the expressed sequence tag data base at the National Center for Biotechnology Information. A complete cDNAderived peptide sequence reveals a 1592-amino acid-long primary translation product, including a tentative 33-amino acid-long signal peptide. Comparison with the laminin gamma1 chain predicts that the two(More)
AIMS The environmental pathogen Streptococcus uberis causes intramammary infections in dairy cows. Because biofilm growth might contribute to Strep. uberis mastitis, we conducted a biological screen to identify genes potentially involved in the regulation of biofilm growth. METHODS AND RESULTS By screening a transposon mutant library of Strep. uberis, we(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Dobutamine causes an increase in cardiac output (CO) by augmenting stroke volume (SV) through enhanced left ventricular contractility and by decreasing systemic vascular resistance. However, in some patients, the dominant mechanism by which dobutamine improves left ventricular performance is an increase in the subject's heart rate(More)
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