Aihua Ren

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This article proposes a modeling language for developing concurrent software, Object-Oriented Petri Nets (OOPN), which combines the maintainability and reusability of Object Orientation (OO) and the advantages of Petri Nets-a graphical interface and a sound theoretical background. By doing so, each benefits from the other and their negative aspects are at(More)
—With the increasing complexity and size of software system, the difficulty of managing software quality is growing rapidly. How to ensure software quality has always been the important issue that needs to be solved. This paper builds a software quality predicting model for solving this issue. In order to realize this, it establishes OOPN (Object-oriented(More)
The Object-Oriented Petri Nets (OOPN) based integrated solution to a grid-based application system modeling and enacting is proposed in this paper for simplifying designs and developments of the grid-based applications. An Integrated Development Environment is also provided to support the methodology proposed. Visual modeling to the system can be made by(More)
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