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Configuration management is very important in products development process. In the description of CMMI configuration management process, maintaining the integrity of work products can be achieved by configuration identification, configuration control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audits. This paper proposes an configuration management(More)
This article proposes a modeling language for developing concurrent software, Object-Oriented Petri Nets (OOPN), which combines the maintainability and reusability of Object Orientation (OO) and the advantages of Petri Netsa graphical interface and a sound theoretical background. By doing so, each benefits from the other and their negative aspects are at(More)
Software size estimation laid the data foundation for project planning. Among all the software estimation methods, function point method, COCOMO II, Pert, Delphi and Analogy are widely used. After conducting research on these methods and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of them, this paper gives advice on how to choose estimation methods.
The Object-Oriented Petri Nets (OOPN) based integrated solution to a grid-based application system modeling and enacting is proposed in this paper for simplifying designs and developments of the grid-based applications. An Integrated Development Environment is also provided to support the methodology proposed. Visual modeling to the system can be made by(More)
As an infrastructure of software enterprise management, organizational process asset library (OPAL) is vital essential to deploy and improve processes of software organizations. Not well managed and maintained OPAL will make more difficulties for software process improvement work. In order to do the process improvement work effectively, the paper proposes(More)
To accomplish the organizational business objectives and consistently improve processes, high maturity processes are implemented in numerous software enterprises. Organizational process asset library (OPAL) plays a significant role in the definitions, executions and improvements for software processes. Based on the conceptions of Capability Maturity Model(More)
FSM has proven to be a reliable method for organizations to estimate software and to compare productivity. But the concepts and estimating procedures of FSM methods are often too complex, detailed requirement and much training for staff is needed when estimating a project. A relative simple and accurate FPA (Function Point Analysis) method which can be(More)
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