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Aiming at the monitored nonstationary signal in sensor networks, distributed compressed sensing-based data aggregation model and algorithm, DCS-DF-1, is presented to reduce the number of transmissions in sensor networks and improve the precision of sensing. To implement this algorithm, the variance of each recover sensing sequence of sensor is estimated(More)
Multiple criteria linear programming (MCLP) approach to data mining has been used in many fields. But users need to understand well with math and technology in its working process. This prevents it from wide applications. Studied on standards of data mining process and its advantages to project operation with the analysis on the characters of MCLP method(More)
Cardholders’ behavior prediction is an important issue in credit card portfolio management. As a promising data mining approach, multiple criteria programming (MCLP) has been successfully applied to classify credit cardholders’ behavior into two groups. In order to better control credit risk for financial institutes, this paper proposes three methods based(More)
Most researchers focus on the step of data mining, or data cleaning and integration, or data selection. However, there is a gap from the data mining to its real world application. In this paper, a step between data mining and application called the second data mining or knowledge presentation and management is proposed. The second data mining is the key(More)
Bayesian maximum entropy data fusion of field-observed leaf area index (LAI) and Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus-derived LAI Aihua Li a b c , Yanchen Bo a b c & Ling Chen a b c a School of geography, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, 100875, China b State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, Jointly Sponsored by Beijing Normal University and(More)
This paper aims to provide a scheme for effectively and efficiently finding an approximately optimal example size with respect to a given dataset when using Multiple-Criteria Linear Programming (MCLP) classification method. By integrating techniques of both progressive sampling and classification committee, it designs a dynamic classification committee(More)
Credit cardholders' behavior analysis is an important issue to be studied. Multi-criteria linear programming (MCLP) classification method has shown its advantage in fast speed and balanced classification accuracy on this problem. However, dimension reduction is necessary before some classification methods implementing, not only for faster classification(More)