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Wireless communication requires accurate Channel State Information (CSI) for coherent detection. Due to the broadband signal transmission, dominant channel taps are often separated in large delay spread and thus are exhibited highly sparse distribution. Sparse Multi-Path Channel (SMPC) estimation using Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP) algorithm has took(More)
—Broadband channel is often characterized by a sparse multipath channel where dominant multipath taps are widely separated in time, thereby resulting in a large delay spread. Traditionally, accurate channel estimation is done by sampling received signal by analog-to-digital converter (ADC) at Nyquist rate (high-speed ADC sampling) and then estimate all(More)
Mitigation of the intense heat flux to the divertor is one of the outstanding problems in fusion energy. One technique that has shown promise is impurity seeding, i.e., the injection of low-Z gaseous impurities (typically N2 or Ne) to radiate and dissipate the power before it arrives to the divertor target plate. To this end, the Alcator C-Mod team has(More)
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