Aihong Yao

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This paper tries to explain the rationales of two different key infrastructures of real time abstraction interface (RTAI): real time hardware abstraction layer (RTHAL) and adaptive domain environment for operating systems (ADEOS), and also makes a comparison with measurement to help understanding the difference between them. Our study shows that ADEOS as a(More)
Energy efficiency has become an important concern for the design of communication systems, particularly the wireless sensor networks where recharging battery might not be feasible. In this paper, we investigate how error correction coding (ECC) and transmission power level can impact the packet loss rate and transmission energy. We focus our analysis on the(More)
In this paper, we describe the formatting guidelines for ACM SIG Proceedings. Traditionally silence in VoIP applications is detected by a VAD algorithm after G.729 compression, both have high computational and energy cost. However, such cost on silence frames will be completely wasted because the detected silence frames will not be sent to receiver. We(More)
Functional verification plays a more and more important role in the design flow of intellectual property cores and embedded systems because of the increasing trends in complexity and integrity of embedded systems. To meet the demands of quality assurance and time to market, EDA companies are developing verification methods and tools that involve high-level(More)
This paper presents a formal methodology of modeling and verification about WTB-TCN device based on extended Petri net model. By translating the model into timed automata, properties of WTB-TCN device can be completely verified using symbolic model checking technique. The methodology proposed addresses the model checking of critical properties of WTB-TCN(More)
Embedded systems use many complex bus protocols for data transfer because of the merits of shared resources, low cost of implementation and high performance. Bus bridges are used for conversion and communication among these protocols. This paper describes the formal verification of the Petri Net models of bus bridge using model checking techniques. Typical(More)
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