Aihong Chen

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BACKGROUND Vision affects daily activities, but of particular importance is the impact upon the learning process. Many studies have been conducted to establish the relationship between vision problems and academic performance. The results are varied, however, and suggest additional research is needed with particular care given to study design. METHODS(More)
  • Azmir Ahmad, Ahmad Mursyid, Ahmad Rudin, Ai-Hong Chen, Norraheem Jawaini
  • 2015
The emmetropes and myopes were reported to have different monocular accommodative stamina at distance, but not at near. The purpose of this study was to further investigate the binocular accommodative stamina under natural binocular viewing condition. Methods: Accommodative stamina of 40 young university students was investigated over one-minute duration(More)
BACKGROUND A reading chart that resembles real reading conditions is important to evaluate the quality of life in terms of reading performance. The purpose of this study was to compare the reading speed of UiTM Malay related words (UiTM-Mrw) reading chart with MNread Acuity Chart and Colenbrander Reading Chart. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty subjects with(More)
Myopes demonstrated larger accommodation error for near visual targets than emmetropes. This study was to investigate the comparison of accommodation error among myopes with different color component of visual targets. Four different colored rectilinear crosses; black, blue, green and red, on white background were used as visual target at the distance of 40(More)
CONTEXT Children with learning disabilities might have difficulties to communicate effectively and give reliable responses as required in various visual function testing procedures. AIMS The purpose of this study was to compare the testability of visual acuity using the modified Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study (ETDRS) and Cambridge Crowding(More)
  • Azmir Ahmad, Ai-Hong Chen, Syahidah Zulkifli, Saiful Azlan Rosli
  • 2013
This study was to investigate the information volume of road sign and level of visibility using real road sign. Five road signs of 5-and 10-letter word combinations were shown randomly to the subject for 2 to 3 seconds at 30 meters initially. The road sign was moved closer to subject, 1 meter at a time until the subject saw the road sign correctly. The(More)
This study was undertaken to establish a non-invasive axial length measurement in Gallus gallus domesticus to enable repeated measurements of various ocular components. Three chicks were obtained from a local hatchery and raised in stainless steel brooders for a total of 9 days. The axial lengths of anaesthetized chicks were measured by high frequency(More)
BACKGROUND Visual acuity is an essential estimate to assess ability of the visual system and is used as an indicator of ocular health status. AIM The aim of this study is to investigate the consistency of acuity estimates from three different clinical visual acuity charts under two levels of ambient room illumination. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study(More)
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