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When the group sparse representation is used to face recognition, the same samples take participate in representation the test sample at the same time. The original method ignored the correlation between the samples. To solve this problem, an improved block orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm is presented. The proposed algorithm uses the coherent(More)
During the process of communication in WLAN, delay and packet loss frequently happens,In order to solve this problem we simulate with NS2 for better communication strategies.According to the relationship between topological range and trasmission speed, number of nodes and performance of delay,we assign dynamic transmission speed to acquire an optimal(More)
—In this paper, we propose a new bidirectional authentication and key agreement protocol based on the MYK-NTRUSign signature algorithm. The AES encryption algorithm and hash techniques were adopted to build our protocol. To implement the mutual authentication and session key agreement, the proposed protocol includes two phases: namely initial phase and(More)
Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) is thought of as the best candidate for the next-generation access network, much attention has being put on assessing and bringing up better bandwidth allocation algorithm. This paper analyses the performance of the existing algorithms and brings forward an improved algorithm basing on the basis of the existing(More)
In the study of optical testing, the computed tomogaphy technique has been widely adopted to reconstruct three-dimensional distributions of physical parameters of various kinds of fluid fields, such as flame, plasma, etc. In most cases, projection data are often stained by noise due to environmental disturbance, instrumental inaccuracy, and other random(More)
The focus of this paper is to report a detailed investigation of dispersion compensated DWDM system with equal channel spacing incorporating pre-, post-and symmetrical-dispersion compensation techniques (DCF) with different optical pulses. The proposed high speed DWDM system is demonstrated with dispersive standard single-mode fiber (SSMF), which is(More)
For the problem of QoS in the IEEE802.11DCF, proposed an enhanced adaptive scheduling distributed EASDCF mechanism. Through the largest contention window and retry times, this mechanism provides differentiated services and guarantees the real-time service priority access to the channel with higher probability. Besides, it provides a reliable guarantee for(More)
—In the wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network (WDM-PON) system, the modulation format was important. While three different modulation formats including not-return-to-zero (NRZ), return-to-zero (RZ), carrier-suppressed return-to-zero (CS-RZ) and the optical differential quadrature reference phase shift keying (DQPSK) modulation format of(More)
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