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[26] A V. D. Ploeg, " Preconditioning techniques for large sparse, non-symmetric matrices with arbitrary sparsity patterns, " In Acknowledgments We would like to thank the reviewers for their valuable suggestions for improving this paper. We would also like to thank V. Vakilotojar at the University of Southern Califor-nia for many insightful discussions and(More)
This paper presents an efficient method for state classification of finite state Markov chains using BDD-based symbolic techniques. The method exploits the fundamental properties of a Markov chain and classifies the state space by iteratively applying reachability analysis. We compare our method with the current state-of-the-art technique which requires the(More)
This paper presents a technique to estimate the average time separation of events (TSE) in stochas-tic timed Petri nets that can model time-independent choice and have arbitrary delay distributions associated with places. The approach analyzes nite net unfold-ings to derive closed-form expressions for lower and upper bounds on the average TSE, which can be(More)
This paper describes and extends a recently developed approach for performance analysis of asynchronous circuits modeled with stochastic timed Petri nets (STPNs) with unique-and free-choice places and arbitrary delay distributions. The approach analyzes nite STPN executions to derive closed-form expressions for lower and upper bounds on the performance(More)
This paper presents a methodology to speed up the stationary behavior analysis of large Markov chains that model asynchronous systems. Instead of directly working on the original Markov chain, we propose to analyze a smaller Markov chain obtained via a novel technique called string-based state compression. Once the smaller chain is solved, the solution to(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate the efficacy of local injection of botulinum toxin A for treating axillary osmidrosis. One hundred and fifty patients with axillary osmidrosis were randomly divided to receive botulinum toxin A injection treatment (50 U of botulinum toxin A was injected intracutaneously into 6-20 different sites within each(More)
Design closure becomes hard to achieve at physical layout stage due to the emergence of long global interconnects. Consequently, interconnect planning needs to be integrated in high level synthesis. Delay relaxation that assigns extra clock latencies to functional resources at RTL (Register Transfer Level) can be leveraged. In this paper we propose a(More)
Cartilage defect caused by disease or trauma remains a challenge for surgeons, owning to the limited healing capacity of cartilage tissues. Cartilage tissue engineering provides a novel approach to address this issue, and appears promising for patients with cartilage defects. The cell scaffold, as one of the three key elements of tissue engineering, plays(More)