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The purpose of this research was to develop practical care procedures to help maintain the protective quality of flame resistant workwear laundered by workers in the field. Based on observed field conditions, experiments were conducted that simulated domestic laundry procedures. The first experiment involved two flame resistant (FR) fabrics, contaminated or(More)
The Lagrangian multiplier method is one of the important methods of solving nonlinear constraints programming. In this paper, a new class of augmented Lagrangian functions with a new NCP function is proposed for the minimization of a smooth function subject to smooth equation and inequality constraints. Under certain conditions, We prove 1-1 corresponding(More)
In the logistics network with infinite suppliers, distributors and retailers, there are infinite flows through the network, such as information or commodity. Sometimes the different users in the logistics network share the same flow in bulk and the different flows are used by the same user. In the paper, we consider the fuzzy cooperative game with infinite(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) levels of free fatty acid (FFA) and functional outcome and stroke recurrence in patients with ischemic stroke. In a prospective study, CSF levels of FFA were measured using an enzyme cycling method on admission in 217 consecutive patients with first-ever ischemic stroke.(More)
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