Aidyl S Gonzalez-Serricchio

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We report a multifunctional gene-trapping approach, which generates full-length Citrine fusions with endogenous proteins and conditional mutants from a single integration event of the FlipTrap vector. We identified 170 FlipTrap zebrafish lines with diverse tissue-specific expression patterns and distinct subcellular localizations of fusion proteins(More)
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations are of increasing interest due to their involvement in aging, disease, fertility, and their role in the evolution of the mitochondrial genome. The presence of reactive oxygen species and the near lack of repair mechanisms cause mtDNA to mutate at a faster rate than nuclear DNA, and mtDNA deletions are not uncommon in the(More)
Targeting the green fluorescent protein (GFP) via the E. coli lac repressor (LacI) to a specific DNA sequence, the lac operator (lacO), allows visualization of chromosomes in yeast and mammalian cells. In principle this method of visualization could be used for genetic mosaic analysis, which requires cell-autonomous markers that can be scored easily and at(More)
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