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Supplier selection is one of the most critical activities of purchasing management in supply chain. Supplier selection is a complex problem involving qualitative and quantitative multi-criteria. A trade-off between these tangible and intangible factors is essential in selecting the best supplier. The work incorporates AHP in choosing the best suppliers. The(More)
This paper presents an investigation of the capability of the acoustic emission (AE) technique in the processes of monitoring and detecting the variation of engine oil's viscosity via in-situ operation. The investigations were conducted on an 8.5-hp single cylinder of four strokes with a water cooling engine. One single grade engine oil's condition has been(More)
To achieve lightweight design while retaining its crash performance, an aluminum alloy component filled with foam has been adopted as an alternative lightweight material. In the paper, the effect of different types of filling on the automotive side member is studied. Impact performance is compared in terms of the automobile energy absorbing capability and(More)
In today’s highly competitive environment, an effective supplier selection process is very important to the success of any manufacturing organization. In this context, supplier selection represents one of the most important functions to be performed by the purchasing department. Supplier selection is a multi-criterion problem which includes both qualitative(More)
  • K. A. Mohammad, Aidy Ali, B. B. Sahari
  • 2012
The aim of this work is to determine the fatigue life of 316L stainless steel. The mechanisms of fatigue of 316L stainless steels were investigated and discussed. The fatigue tests were carried out at constant-amplitude cyclic loading with load ratio R=0.1. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is then used to examine the fracture surface. The results show(More)
Problem statement: This study reviewed the needs of different constitutive models for rubber like material undergone large elastic deformation. The constitutive models are widely used in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) packages for rubber components. Most of the starting point for modeling of various kinds of elastomer is a strain energy function. In order to(More)
In this study, head injury criteria (HIC) and chest severity index (CSI) assessments are made based on finite element simulation. Simulations are carried out through nonlinear finite element analysis software LS-Dyna. The effect on the occupant’s injury of introducing aluminum alloy, AA5182, to automotive side members is highlighted in comparison to the(More)
This study presents a numerical investigation on the deformation of the circular blanket against a male die under impulsive loading to form a torispherical heads shape. A finite element model was developed and verified with experimental tests for the explosive forming of the torispherical heads made of AA5083 aluminum alloy in the framework of LS-DYNA crash(More)
In this study, optimization of tool path is presented through simulation material removal using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and control via Genetic Algorithm (GA). The computer code for GA is developed and is specifically designed using MATLAB programming. The developed GA toolbox was written in m-files script together with several built-in functions in(More)
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