Aidong Adam Ding

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In this paper, we introduce a novel application of hierarchical nonlinear mixed-effect models to HIV dynamics. We show that a simple model with a sum of exponentials can give a good fit to the observed clinical data of HIV-1 dynamics (HIV-1 RNA copies) after initiation of potent antiviral treatments and can also be justified by a biological compartment(More)
Recently, potent combination antiviral therapies consisting of reverse transcriptase inhibitor (RTI) drugs and protease inhibitor (PI) drugs, have been developed which can rapidly suppress HIV below the limit of detection. Two phases of plasma viral decay after initiation of treatment have been observed in clinical studies. Some researchers have suggested(More)
Neural networks are used for prediction model in many applications. The backpropagation algorithm used in most cases corresponds to a statistical nonlinear regression model assuming the constant noise level. Many proposed prediction intervals in the literature so far also assume the constant noise level. There are no prediction intervals in the literature(More)
Bivariate survival analysis has wide applications. In the presence of covariates, most literature focuses on studying their effects on the marginal distributions. However covariates can also affect the association between the two variables. In this article we consider the latter issue by proposing a nonstandard local linear estimator for the concordance(More)
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