Aiden Nibali

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The need to store vast amounts of trajectory data becomes more problematic as GPS-based tracking devices become increasingly prevalent. There are two commonly used approaches for compressing trajectory data. The first is the line generalisation approach which aims to fit the trajectory using a series of line segments. The second is to store the initial data(More)
Lung cancer has the highest death rate among all cancers in the USA. In this work we focus on improving the ability of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) systems to predict the malignancy of nodules from cropped CT images of lung nodules. We evaluate the effectiveness of very deep convolutional neural networks at the task of expert-level lung nodule malignancy(More)
Due to recent advances in technology, the recording and analysis of video data has become an increasingly common component of athlete training programmes. Today it is incredibly easy and affordable to set up a fixed camera and record athletes in a wide range of sports, such as diving, gymnastics, golf, tennis, etc. However, the manual analysis of the(More)
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