Aidar Khusainov

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We show that a set with an action of a locally finite-dimensional free partially commutative monoid and the corresponding semicubical set have isomorpic homology groups. We build a complex of finite length for the computing homology groups of any asynchronous transition system with finite maximal number of mutually independent events. We give examples of(More)
More than 7100 languages are spoken in the world and the significant part of these languages suffers frothe absence of speech services, therefore people cannot use them on their native languages and have to learn and use other languages in order to communicate with modern information technologies. This paper describes an approach to automate the creation of(More)
In this paper we describe our recent work of creation speech human-machine interface for the Ta1ar language. Our work consists of three main elements: speech recognition system, speech synthesizer and language identification system. These systems will be used in mobile and desktop applications, for instance, machine translation system, smart assistant.
A silicon ultracold neutron (UCN) detector with an area of 45 cm(2) and with a (6)LiF converter is developed at St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI). The spectral efficiency of the silicon UCN detector was measured by means of a gravitational spectrometer at Institut Max von Laue - Paul Langevin (ILL). The sandwich-type detector from two silicon(More)
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