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General Information SATEN 1 is an object-oriented web-based extraction and belief revision engine. It runs on any computer via a Java 1.1 enabled browser such as Netscape 4. SATEN performs belief revision based on the AGM approach (Alchourrón et al 85). The extraction and belief revision reasoning engines operate on a user specified ranking of information.(More)
Yeast glutamine synthetase was purified and shown to be an octameric globular protein (s = 15.4,fF0 = 1-29, mol. wt = 390000). It consists of two weakly-bound half molecules (s = 8.7, fFo = 1-35, mol. wt = 180500) and relatively harsh treatment is required to dissociate these octamers into component monomers (s = 3.8). Deactivation of the enzyme in vivo may(More)
Work demonstrating the operation of a photorespiratory N cycle in Chlamydomonas is described. NH3 release by this process is light dependent, sensitive to changes in pO2 and pCO2, and abolished by a photosystem II inhibitor. Evidence is presented which shows that this NH3 derives its N from protein rather than from freshly synthesised glutamate. Protein(More)