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Yeast glutamine synthetase was purified and shown to be an octameric globular protein (s = 15.4,fF0 = 1-29, mol. wt = 390000). It consists of two weakly-bound half molecules (s = 8.7, fFo = 1-35, mol. wt = 180500) and relatively harsh treatment is required to dissociate these octamers into component monomers (s = 3.8). Deactivation of the enzyme in vivo may(More)
An earlier observation from this laboratory (J. Gen. Microbiol. 64, 423--427) that NAD-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase activity is modulated by rapid inactivation has been extended to show that this mechanism is completely reversible. Changes in properties of the enzyme accompany inactivation and two different forms active (a) and inactive (b) of the(More)
General Information SATEN 1 is an object-oriented web-based extraction and belief revision engine. It runs on any computer via a Java 1.1 enabled browser such as Netscape 4. SATEN performs belief revision based on the AGM approach (Alchourrón et al 85). The extraction and belief revision reasoning engines operate on a user specified ranking of information.(More)