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SATEN is an object-oriented web-based extraction and belief revision engine. It runs on any computer via a Java 1.1 enabled browser such as Netscape 4. SATEN performs belief revision based on the AGM approach (Alchourrón et al 85). The extraction and belief revision reasoning engines operate on a user specified ranking of information. One of the features of(More)
There is a scarcity of investigation into the mechanical properties of subdermal fat. Recently, progress has been made in the determination of subdermal stress and strain distributions. This requires accurate constitutive modelling and consideration of the subdermal tissues. This paper reports the results of a study to estimate non-linear elastic and(More)
We introduce new formulations of aperiodicity and cofinality for finitely aligned higher-rank graphs $\Lambda$, and prove that $C^*(\Lambda)$ is simple if and only if $\Lambda$ is aperiodic and cofinal. The main advantage of our versions of aperiodicity and cofinality over existing ones is that ours are stated in terms of finite paths. To prove our main(More)
We introduce twisted relative Cuntz-Krieger algebras associated to finitely aligned higher-rank graphs and give a comprehensive treatment of their fundamental structural properties. We establish versions of the usual uniqueness theorems and the classification of gauge-invariant ideals. We show that all twisted relative CuntzKrieger algebras associated to(More)
We develop notions of a representation of a topological graph E and of a covariant representation of a topological graph E which do not require the machinery of C∗-correspondences and Cuntz– Pimsner algebras. We show that the C∗-algebra generated by a universal representation of E is isomorphic to the Toeplitz algebra of Katsura’s topological-graph(More)
Let X be a product system over a quasi-lattice ordered group. Under mild hypotheses, we associate to X a C∗-algebra which is co-universal for injective Nica covariant Toeplitz representations of X which preserve the gauge coaction. Under appropriate amenability criteria, this co-universalC∗-algebra coincides with the CuntzNica-Pimsner algebra introduced by(More)
Let E be a row-finite directed graph. We prove that there exists a C∗algebra C∗ min (E) with the following co-universal property: given any C∗-algebra B generated by a Toeplitz-Cuntz-Krieger E-family in which all the vertex projections are nonzero, there is a canonical homomorphism from B onto C∗ min (E). We also identify when a homomorphism from B to C∗(More)