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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effectiveness of facilitated physical activity as an adjunctive treatment for adults with depression presenting in primary care. DESIGN Pragmatic, multicentre, two arm parallel randomised controlled trial. SETTING General practices in Bristol and Exeter. PARTICIPANTS 361 adults aged 18-69 who had recently consulted their(More)
AIMS To describe the phenotype of members of a large Caucasian British family affected by autosomal dominant cone-rod dystrophy due to an R838C mutation in the guanylate cyclase 2D (GUCY2D) gene encoding retinal guanylate cyclase-1 (RETGC-1). METHODS Retrospective review of 29 patients from four generations of the same family. RESULTS Visual symptoms(More)
The cytocidal properties of metronidazole against hypoxic mammalian cells are described. This chemotherapeutic action has been shown to be dependent on drug concentration and duration of exposure. The x-ray TCD50 for a murine anaplastic carcinoma was reduced from 6081 rad to 4643 rad when animals were given metronidazole orally for 36 h before radiation(More)
The stimulation of microsomal lipid peroxidation by FeSO4 and cysteine has been investigated. Although both FeSO4 and cysteine alone promoted an increase in malonaldehyde production, when these agents were added together to microsomes the resultant level of malonaldehyde was greater than the sum of the amounts formed by these pro-oxidants when acting(More)
Experimental evidence suggests that the healing of diabetic foot ulcers is affected by psychosocial factors such as distress. We examined this proposal in a prospective study, in which we considered the role of psychological distress and coping style in the healing of diabetic foot ulcers over a 24 week period. We also explored the role of salivary cortisol(More)
AIMS The objective of this study was to determine the extent that psychosocial and clinical variables influence parental compliance with occlusion therapy (eye patching) in children with amblyopia. METHODS Children (n = 151) receiving occlusion therapy (eye patching) for the treatment of amblyopia were recruited from five orthoptic clinics in Bristol, UK.(More)
OBJECTIVES Chronic wounds such as diabetic foot and venous leg ulcers are a major burden for health services. Our programme was developed to explore the psychological and behavioural factors that may influence both the incidence of chronic wounds and their progression. The present article focuses on two particular aspects of the programme: patient knowledge(More)