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We report a comparative keyword analysis of interviews and Internet postings involving people with breast and prostate cancer and discussion of sexual health. Interviewees produce retrospective accounts, their content guided by interviewers' questions, which might elicit rich biographical and contextual details. Internet exchanges concern participants'(More)
PURPOSE To explore fertility issues for young men who had been diagnosed and treated for cancer and to examine communication problems surrounding these fertility issues. METHOD Narrative interviews were conducted with 21 young men previously treated for cancer in the United Kingdom. Eighteen talked about fertility issues at some length. A qualitative(More)
Analysis of the births that occurred in England and Wales during 1970-6 showed that they followed a seven-day cycle, being concentrated from Tuesdays to Fridays and least numerous on Sundays. This pattern became increasingly pronounced during the period examined. Relatively few births occurred on bank holidays, especially Christmas Day and Boxing Day. In(More)
AIM To review trends in multiple births and associated mortality in England and Wales since 1975, in the light of trends for earlier years; to assess, within the limitations of the available data, the extent of any association between multiple birth rates and assisted conception and drugs used for subfertility. METHODS Data collected routinely in England(More)
PURPOSE To select and propose a set of knowledge, attitudes, and skills essential for the care of adolescents; to encourage the development of adolescent health multidisciplinary networks; and to set up training programs in as many European countries as possible. METHODS The curriculum was developed by 16 physicians from 11 European countries with various(More)
Policies about place of delivery have tended to be formulated without either looking at existing evidence or doing new research into the relative safety for women and babies of delivery in different settings. This article reviews published research on the subject, and finds that many of the data required have not been collected. Furthermore, many analyses(More)