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A battery of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against brain cell nuclei has been generated by repeated immunizations. One of these, mAb A60, recognizes a vertebrate nervous system- and neuron-specific nuclear protein that we have named NeuN (Neuronal Nuclei). The expression of NeuN is observed in most neuronal cell types throughout the nervous system of adult(More)
Developmental processes are governed by diverse regulatory mechanisms including a suite of signaling pathways employing reversible phosphorylation. With the advent of large-scale phosphoproteomics, it is now possible to identify thousands of phosphorylation sites from tissues at distinct developmental stages. We describe here the identification of over 6000(More)
In this paper we report on monoclonal antibody 3H6 with unique specificities for development of the cerebellum. Immunohistochemical studies on normal and mutant mice suggest that it is primarily located in or on granule cell parallel fibers in the cerebellum. The only other region showing immunoreactivity is a small region of the hippocampus. The antigen is(More)
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