Aidan Lane

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SUMMARY We present a massively parallel stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA) for reaction-diffusion systems implemented on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). These are designated chips optimized to process a high number of floating point operations in parallel, rendering them well-suited for a range of scientific high-performance computations. Newer GPU(More)
Computer understanding of visual languages in pen-based environments requires a combination of lexical analysis in which the basic tokens are recognized from hand-drawn gestures and syntax analysis in which the structure is recognized. Typically, lexical analysis relies on statistical methods while syntax analysis utilizes grammars. The two stages are not(More)
This paper describes a new generative software system for music composition. A number of state-based, musical agents traverse a user-created graph. The graph consists of nodes (representing events), connected by edges, with the time between events determined by the physical length of the connecting edge. As the agents encounter nodes they generate musical(More)
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