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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides two-way communication, data storing and analysis, sensing and system monitoring, and intelligence such as historical and predictive analytics. Today's Energy Smart Grid initiative proposes a highly decentralized and flexible energy supply and distribution by taking advantage of ICT infrastructures. In(More)
Monitoring and adaptation of multilayer systems are challenging, because the mismatches and adaptations are interrelated across the layers. This interrelation introduces two important but difficult questions. 1) When a system change causes mismatches in one layer, how to identify all the cascaded mismatches on the other layers? 2) When an adaptation is(More)
With the vision of “Internet as a computer”, complex software-intensive systems running on the Internet, or the “Internetwares”, can be also divided into multiple layers. Each layer has a different focus, implementation technique, and stakeholders. Monitoring and adaptation of such multilayer systems are challenging, because the mismatches and adaptations(More)
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