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Polyhexamethylene guanidine phosphate (PHMG-P) belongs to the polymeric guanidine family of biocides and contains a phosphate group, which may confer better solubility, a detoxifying effect and may change the kinetics and dynamics of PHMG-P interactions with microorganisms. Limited data regarding PHMG-P activity against periodontopathogenic and cariogenic(More)
In this paper we focus on the problem of integrating knowledge bases expressed in a description logic. To this end, we propose three basic operations: union, intersection and renaming. First, the semantics of these compositional operations is studied abstracting away from implementation details. Then, we present an implementation of the proposed operations,(More)
It is believed by the scientiic community that PL1 and PL2 are the largest concept languages for which there exists a polynomial algorithm that solves the subsumption problem. Donini, Lenzerini, Nardi and Nutt have presented in 4] two polynomial algorithms that are intended to solve the subsumption problem for PL1 and PL2, respectively. The authors also(More)
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