Aida Méndez

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In the mature central nervous system (CNS), oligodendrocytes provide support and insulation to axons thanks to the production of a myelin sheath. During their maturation to myelinating cells, oligodendroglial precursors (OPCs) follow a very precise differentiation program, which is finely orchestrated by transcription factors, epigenetic factors and(More)
Regulations require that stormwater pollution prevention plans be developed for construction activities that disturb an area that is equal to or greater than one acre. Different strategies, including a combination of practices, can be used to develop these plans. The WATER model was a tool developed from a previous project to assess the effectiveness of(More)
The text of the papers published in this volume are as submitted by the authors. No editorial intervention was undertaken by the Editors unless absolutely necessary and only as the production schedule allowed. The Editors' task was to solicit contributions and to assist in the editorial matters. Sponsors The Organizing Committee acknowledges with deep(More)