Aida Kamisalic

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The aim of this paper is to study the global reliability of communication networks. We assume that, in a communication network, the weights of the edges quantify the volume or the quality of the information transmitted by the nodes. In such a case, the strength of a path (resp. walk), called the reliability of the path (resp. walk) can be calculated as the(More)
Proposing a treatment to patients is one of the physicians’ most common tasks. There are different elements that influence the decision of a physician to propose an appropriate treatment. Formal intervention plans (FIPs) are formal structures representing health care procedures to assist patients suffering from particular ailments or diseases. The(More)
Nowadays development and research projects increasingly extend over boundaries set by a single company, research organisation or country. To compete successfully in this global information technology market, the internationalization of software, data and Web contents for disparate users is essential. Software internationalisation is the process of(More)
Use of data in various areas and their electronic availability has put importance of data to higher level. In many cases data come from different sources, which are distributed across enterprise and are at different quality levels. Special attention need to be paid to data upon which critical decisions are met especially in/for intelligent systems. In the(More)
The individual's right to determine if, when and how data about them will be collected, stored, used and shared with others is called the right to privacy. The problem of data collection and sharing arises daily among health services. Among medical staff, there are numerous message flows, including the medical records of patients and other patient's(More)
From buying transport tickets (railway, bus, metro, airplane) up to shopping (books, tourist trips, clothes, food,..) and visiting cultural events (theater, cinema, concerts) or medical doctors (medicine prescriptions, illness, regular examination) activities connected to the information technology (IT) are needed and requested from professionals,(More)
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