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We describe here the design and initial implementation of the eMERGE-PGx project. eMERGE-PGx, a partnership of the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics Network and the Pharmacogenomics Research Network, has three objectives: (i) to deploy PGRNseq, a next-generation sequencing platform assessing sequence variation in 84 proposed pharmacogenes, in nearly(More)
Implementation of pharmacogenetic-guided warfarin dosing has been hindered by inconsistent results from reported clinical trials and a lack of available algorithms that include alleles prevalent in non-white populations. However, current evidence indicates that algorithm-guided dosing is more accurate than empirical dosing. To facilitate multiethnic(More)
Primary care in the United States has been in the midst of a transformation from a system based solely on individual office interactions to one that includes managing health at a population level. The chronic care model provides a robust framework for health systems to transform and restructure their delivery of care to one that is committed to delivering(More)
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