Aicko Y Schumann

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Integrated physiological systems, such as the cardiac and the respiratory system, exhibit complex dynamics that are further influenced by intrinsic feedback mechanisms controlling their interaction. To probe how the cardiac and the respiratory system adjust their rhythms, despite continuous fluctuations in their dynamics, we study the phase synchronization(More)
Phase-Rectified Signal Averaging (PRSA) was shown to be a powerful tool for the study of quasi-periodic oscillations and nonlinear effects in non-stationary signals. Here we present a bivariate PRSA technique for the study of the interrelationship between two simultaneous data recordings. Its performance is compared with traditional cross-correlation(More)
The dynamics of complex systems is characterized by oscillatory components on many time scales. To study the interactions between these components we analyze the cross modulation of their instantaneous amplitudes and frequencies, separating synchronous and antisynchronous modulation. We apply our novel technique to brain-wave oscillations in the human(More)
Phase synchronization between two weakly coupled oscillators has been studied in chaotic systems for a long time. However, it is difficult to unambiguously detect such synchronization in experimental data from complex physiological systems. In this paper we review our study of phase synchronization between heartbeat and respiration in 150 healthy subjects(More)
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