Aichun Zhu

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Safety is considered as one of the most crucial aspects in the modern transportation domain. In this paper, we benefit from the videos captured by multiple external video sensors from infrastructure, and propose an algorithm to perceive the environment via these data from different aspects. The algorithm consists of two parts: the descriptor for(More)
Resampling forgery generally refers to as the technique that utilizes interpolation algorithm to maliciously geometrically transform a digital image or a portion of an image. This paper investigates the problem of image resampling detection based on the linear parametric model. First, we expose the periodic artifact of one-dimensional 1-D) resampled signal.(More)
Tracking the articulated human body is a challenging computer vision problem because of changes in body poses and their appearance. Pictorial structure (PS) models are widely used in 2D human pose estimation. In this work, we extend the PS models for robust 3D pose estimation, which includes two stages: multi-view human body parts detection by foreground(More)
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